A Tx to no-one in particular.

29 Jul

Well, I’ve never kept a diary. For more than a few days at a time. But I do get the urge to suddenly write down my feelings and thoughts on till reciepts and bits of newspaper. Maybe one day I’ll scribble it in monster-high letters in spray paint on a wall somewhere abandoned. Anywho, until then, I think an online blog might be the most responsible & downright normal option.

A blog to chart my urbex habits, my random videography & TV work, and of course… the bomb-site that has become my increasingly trans-gender experience after my exploration into my feminine side exploded in my face early this year & re-decorated my brain with a nice shade of Fucking Confused (by Dulux). Oh and by some miracle I managed to land a damn good job with the Olympics.

Never written a blog before, so here goes. Perhaps I’ll end up simply using this to write my shopping list on it.  Feel free to have a browse. And stop by the giftshop on your way out.

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